The first episode of a Jaller series I was going to do in 2014 that fell through. The script is incomplete.

Episode 1: Back Down to EarthEdit

Jaller: Hm. I wonder what I should do today?

Axonn: Maybe you should read a book.

Jaller:(blows raspberry) What a load of toads flying on a stick.

Axonn: I am going to pretend that you just said something logical.

Jaller: But I'm so bored!

Axonn: Maybe you should go hang out with Ehlek.

Jaller: Nah, his voice is stupid.

Axonn: Oh right. How about you hang out with Hewkii.

Jaller: No.

Axonn: Then you can go hang on tree.

Jaller: Now you're wasting my time.(runs into things)

Axonn: Fine, nevermind.

Jaller: Axonn doesn't know what I want.

He runs outside.

He climbs a tree.

Jaller: Well, at least he can't bother me now.

Hewkii: Hello, Jaller.

Jaller: Oh hey, Biscuit.

Hewkii: My name's Hewkii.

Jaller: Of course it is, Pizza.

Hewkii: Whatever.


Hewkii: What're you gonna do today?

Jaller: Well, I was bored, so I asked Axonn, and he wasn't helpful, so I came out here.

Hewkii: Why'd you come out here?

Jaller: Because he suggested it.

Hewkii: Wait wait wait. So you're meaning to tell me, that you asked Axonn what you could do, and one of the things he suggested was coming outside, but you didn't agree with anything he said?

Jaller: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Rainbow monkey?

Hewkii: I'm not even going to ask.

Jaller: I'm bored.

Hewkii: You want to go do stuff?

Jaller: Nah...

Hewkii: But you said you were bored?

Jaller: Hewkii, if I had said that, I wouldn't be saying this.

Hewkii:(sigh) I'm going to go away now. I just hope I don't get hit by a bus.

Hewkii gets down. Jaller watches him. A bus hits Hewkii.

Hewkii:(distant) I got hit by a bus and failed.

Jaller: Hm.

Ehlek:(above water voice) Hey.

Jaller: What did you say?

Ehlek:(above water voice) I said hey.

Jaller: Are you calling me stupid?

Ehlek:(above water voice) No, no I didn't.

Jaller: If you keep that up, I'll fight you!

Ehlek:(face palm, above water mumble)

Jaller: Alright, that's it!

He hits Ehlek. Ehlek knocks him off the tree.

Axonn is watching Star Trek Into Darkness.

Axonn: This is a great movie. Good thing Jaller's not here-.

Jaller: Hey Axonn.