In the year 2018, Jojo Lang finds himself trapped in a decisive war between two juggernauts: Clab Lang - Scion of Virtue and Matt Rodent - Snakey Loser. Possessing the powerful Stands of 「CARELESS WHISPER」 and 「MR. BOOMBASTIC」 respectively, the outcome of their eventual brawl will change the shape of arbitrary internet conflict for the foreseeable future.

Careless Whsiper
Mr Boombastic

New contenders stand to block Ratthew's way as he pushes deeper toward's Clab Lang's bastion in the Floridian Dead Zone. The beings who intend to keep Clab's powers in check by holding him in captivity, his keepers, Lisa Lisa Lang and ST. LANG. With the powers of their Stands, 「GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN」 and 「LOSING MY RELIGION」, respectively, these gatekeepers potentially stand to end the Rodent's attempt on Clab's life before it can begin...

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Losing My Religion

With the defeat of Lisa Lisa Lang and ST. LANG, the decisive battle now approaches...


The battle begins this Saturday at 7PM Eastern Time on THE PISS IN MY MOUTHCAST. You're invited, Clab. Get in touch with Grayson on Discord to set it up.